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Being a tall woman occasionally asked to fetch top shelf items in the grocery store by shorter (usually women), when I first read the newsletter title I was like, hey that's about me! But in all seriousness, I totally agree with the quality observation and about cloud pricing. Just like how ineffective AWS Cost Explorer is, the Microsoft Azure one is not much better and I know, that's intentional. I'm going to make a guess that OpenAI's future token pricing structure and cost management tool is unlikely to be any better, because these commercial products are designed to be magic money-making machines positioned as cost savers. That all said, we've worked hard to tweak our cloud spend to keep it as low as possible without losing sleep over SLAs. And I understand that's the customer responsibility to search/configure for the lowest price and highest value service (capitalism). At the end of the day, I console myself I would rather reward Satya Nadella's leadership than enable mega yacht purchases by Jeff Bezos. Yachts are cool, but do you really need a separate chase boat for your helipad?

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re: a separate shadow support vessels--of course you do! it's not just for the helipad. The jet ski's, private submarine, sport fishing boat, etc all need to go somewhere! There just isn't enough room on a yacht for all your gear!!! 🤣

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